All neccessary documents from foreign teachers for his FOREIGNER'S WORK PERMIT
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1. PHYSICAL EXAMINATION RECORD FOR FOREIGNER (You can turn to the local Chinese Embassy for the form and other detailed information.)

2. Scanned 1st page of your passport

3. Working Experience Proof (Given by your former company with period, position, seal, signature and the contacts)

4. Scanned the highest diploma and notarized by local Chinese Embassy(firstly it must be natarized by lacal natarial office)

5. Scanned Certificate of Non-criminal Punishment given by concerned department and notarized by local Chinese Embassy (ditto)

6. Scanned Professional Qualification Certificate (if you have, ditto )

7. Passport photo, electronic version, white background, JPG format, size between 40K-120K bytes, pixels between 354*472 and 420*560, 24 true colors

8. CV

9. Other documents of family if they accompany you


TIPS: 1. It will spend your much time to finish all, so if possible you can entrust someone to do a part of them. And when you send me all the prepared materials I will translate them and then apply for you NOTIFICATION LETTER OF FOREIGNERS WORK PERMIT, which will take 10-15 days. When getting the PERMIT, I will scan to you immediately, with it you can go to Chinese Embassy to apply your Z visa. Of course, you should prepare other necessary materials.

2. all documents should be notarized by the same person and the same place.

3. Make sure the Consulate General of China in U.S for your Z visa according to the city you live, dont make any mistake please.